Hi folks, 

  •  i have not been very good about posting on whats new with nexusknits lately. The reasons are too long to share so I have decided starting now this month that is going to change. I am excited to share with you some new items and the process I have gone through to come to this decision. The first new thing is this lovely beanie hat I posted a picture of. The pattern is a first for me. The colors just say fall to me. I know we are still a week or two away from that officially but you can already feel it in Bozeman for sure. The rain has come and with it the cooler temps. 
  • I am also happy to share that I have branched out into making my own stitch markers and progress keepers. For crochet and knitting. I have some new ones that I am making for the seasons coming and holidays as well. So keep checking the website as i will be posting those soon. They make awesome little gifts for the holidays for that special crafter and or for yourself if you are one. The cooler temps also means thinking about those hats and mitts and for the little ones the booties and hat combo. Anything to keep those important parts warm you know. If you like my new design and want to see it in more colors please comment on this blog or contact me and let me know what you would like to see. Do you have a custom project you would like? I am always happy to help. 
  • I am going to make every effort to improve my posting on this blog of what I am doing and what I think connects with you. After all this is nexusknits and we are all about connections here. On that note, if you have something you would like to see or have me talk about please comment on this blog and or contact me and I  will respond. Happy crafting everyone and hope your september is a safe and good one. Especially for those hit hard by hurricanes and tornados.Till next time.